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K-OSS – The Indian God Mixtape – Hosted By Moviestar Johnny

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2015 Reggae/Dancehall artiste to watch K-OSS drops brand new mixtape hosted by Moviestar Johnny, popular London Selector and radio personality. The mixtape, ‘Indian God’ a high energy dancehall mix is a hot-pot of dancehall culture, with various releases by NW2 Music with a number of pre-released tracks by K-OSS that are scheduled for release this year. This collection of dancehall songs is a great insight into the young and fresh artiste, which reflects Jamaican youth culture at core, in a very British yet eccentric fashion. Dancehall culture has a vibrancy that this little Indian kid boasts with some swag –  though this a dancehall collection, K-OSS’s music has incorporated a far more cultural journey, especially works such as ‘A World Of K-OSS’, a host of vintage reggae classics, with many tracks recorded in the top Jamaican reggae houses in the 60’s and 70’s, in Reggae’s golden era. The works, an exceptional insight into this multifaceted reggae act – the reggae LP platformed with reggae legends Uroy and Dennis Alcapone, only adds to the interest and calibre of this new London artist.

A World Of K-OSS feat Uroy & Dennis Alcapone – Radio Commercial

In these times, the focus for developing artists is the live industry, and this little Indian kid from London is teamed with top musicians and producers from around the world with an exciting catalogue of fresh and high quality songs. This kid is one to watch for at festivals around the world.

The ‘Indian god’ Mixtape can be downloaded free from the following link

Look out for the soon to be released title track feat. The Richie Feelings Remix

K-OSS – INDIAN GOD Mixtape Pt.1(Youtube)

Check out the Nw2 Music video releases at

NW2 Music Youtube Channel

Wally British x K-oss – Oi Wally

K-oss – Oh Gyal (Bollywood Remix)

K-oss – Indian Smoke

Bad Stench Powermix Feat Busy Signal, Chino, Laden, QQ & K-OSS – Kalibandulu Sound Powermix

Dotta Coppa – Coppa Mi Name

Jtown Kids – Everybody Dead/ So Sick




Nimesh Dave

NW2 Music // Axcent PR


Specialist and Downsound Records Part Ways


After a moderately successful run with Josef Bogdanovich’s Downsound Records, former Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall runner-up, Specialist has left the label after nearly four years.

The severance of ties was announced by Specialist Monday, ending a relationship which saw the deejay record several hits with the label such as Do For Love (feat. Ishawna), Come Wine (feat. Spice), Dweet featuring Ninja Man and Phone Card, the single which helped launch him to public acclaim after initially performing it on Magnum Kings and Queens. Reports suggest Bogdanovich refused to renew Specialist’s contract after it expired in August of last year, thus leading to the split.

 “The reason why I’m quitting with Downsound is that I think my career should be way farther than it is right now,” the entertainer told IRIE FM in a radio interview Monday afternoon. “Big up the fans, big up Downsound same way, but at the end of di day, mi haffi mek sure my ting work, because dem quit, me haffi quit too. Mi cyaah sit down and wait pon no man and let my ting stall up.”

In the meantime, Specialist has joined forces with Denham Town-based label, 3R40 Records, a label full of upcoming producers who he insists have some rhythms and material ready to take the industry by storm.


Kranium Signs With Atlantic Records


Dancehall artist, Kranium, who made waves on Billboard with his hit single, Nobody Has To Know earlier this year, has signed a deal with prominent American record label, Atlantic Records, according to reports Wednesday.

The Jamaican-born singjay, who is currently based in New York, joins a label that features many elite international musicians, including Bruno MarsJanelle Monae and David Guetta, among others. Atlantic is also the label that propelled Dancehall superstar, Sean Paul to international super stardom, including his sophomore album, Dutty Rock, which went multi-platinum in the United States and won him a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album in 2004.

“I’m extremely happy,” Kranium said in a statement. “The work will definitely become harder but this deal will not only help me but will also help the entire genre.”

 The entertainer, whose real name is Kemar Donaldson, struck gold with Nobody Has To Know, which peaked at number three on Billboard magazine’s Next Big Sound chart and earned regular rotation on HOT 97FM.

 Kranium was born in Montego Bay, but moved to Florida in  2005 before heading to New York the next year. He opened shows for the likes of I-OctaneGyptian and Tarrus Riley before landing his big break.


The reggae.Zone News Update 9-11-14 Hosted By K-oss

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The Reggae.Zone News Update is a weekly news programme with Reggae & Dancehall News from around the World. On this week, Shaggy, Bounty Killer & Beenie Man, Spice & Kartel, new diss release from Ishawna Randy Valentine, Kabaka Pyramid, UK’s Reggae Star Factor + more


Lady Saw reveals ‘Alter Ego’ @ladysawofficial

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VPAL, VP Records’ subsidiary label  teams up with Lady Saw’s label Diva Records to release her new album Alter Ego, available  from November 18, 2014. The Queen of Dancehall is celebrating 25 years in the business with Alter Ego.

The album puts her creativity on full display and showcases both the racy side of “Lady Saw” and the more subdued side of “Marion Hall.” The album features collaborations with Beres Hammond, Estelle, Ali Campbell ofUB40 and Flo-Rida. Judging by her latest singles, “Hoping” and “Me & Mi X”, Lady Saw is adding some extra sizzle to the holiday season and posed to ignite the charts. The Queen is back and she means business.

Lady Saw is a musical pioneer. She is the first female Jamaican artist to win a Grammy, certify as a triple-platinum artist and headline dancehall shows outside her native country. Born Marion Hall in Galina (parish ofSaint Mary), she started her career on local sound systems like many artists on the island. As a female artist in a male-dominated world ofJamaican dancehall reggae, Lady Saw defeated all odds when she went on to top the Jamaican charts with “Find a Good Man.” In 1999, she had a major hit in the United States with “Smile,” recorded with Vitamin C, which peaked at number 18 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song was also a major hit in New Zealand and Canada and made certified gold with over 500,000 sales. In 2002, her collaboration with No Doubt, “Underneath It All” reached number three in the U.S. and sold more than three million copies, reaching triple platinum certification. The track also won a Grammy Award for ‘Best Performance by a Duo or Group.’ Lady Saw released a total of 6 albums on VP Records and then formed her own label called Divas Records.


UK Reggae Sensation Randy Valentine Heads To New York – @RV_JOAT @DestineMedia


Multi-talented, versatile singer-songwriter/producer hails from theTropical Isle of Jamaica and is currently under the umbrella of‘HempHigher’ and ‘J.O.A.T’ (Jack of all tradez) productions. Randy Valentine is a true star who hones his craft with a special passion and desire to touch people through his music.

2012 saw Mr. Valentine tour Costa Rica and Panama supporting one of Dancehall’s biggest artists – BUSY SIGNAL. The tour proved to be a huge success for Randy, catapulting him onto a brand new platform, on which he could voice his talent, and build up a solid international fan base. To add to his repertoire, Randy has also opened for the likes of BUSY SIGNAL, DEMARCO, MR VEGAS, US R&B Sensation, LLOYD from YOUNG MONEY and toured Austria alongside fellow rising Reggae star, Cali P.

Citing ‘the foundation’ music as one of his main sources of inspiration,Randy decided to release a one-drop mixtape, where he sings over 13 tracks – all built upon classic STUDIO ONE riddims, such as “Stalag Riddim”, “Bobby Babylon Riddim”, “Lecturer Riddim” and more!

Hence, on the 1st of October 2012,’ Bring Back The Love’ was introduced to the world. The mix-tape, mixed by Switzerland’s finest, ‘Straight-sound’ became an instant hit with fans, from the Caribbean to Japan, commanding 800 downloads on its first day of release.

Embarking on the US November 15 – November 18th Randy Valentine will be making stops via various media outlets and available for interviews.


It’s not all MAGIC! on Canadian reggae scene

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If MAGIC! wins Single of the Year at the American Music Awards this month for its hit “Rude,” Toronto’s reggae culture will have played a part.

“Growing up in Toronto, there’s a pretty heavy Caribbean descent (and) community there,” the band’s frontman, Nasri Atweh, told Spin magazine in a summer interview. “So you grow up going to different college parties and everyone’s always playing reggae in the clubs . . . for whatever reason ever since I was a kid, whenever I heard reggae or reggae groove or whatever it was, I just understood the fun but serious part of it. I kind of got it.”

But the success that made “Rude” a No. 1 hit in the U.S. has eluded other reggae acts in the Greater Toronto Area.

Take Brampton’s Tasha T. She has had top 10 songs in Canada, Ghana, Italy and the U.S., earned a Juno nomination and toured worldwide, but she has to work regular jobs to help sustain her 25-year music career.

Her most recent album, Real Talk, was released in May via her own label, RasVibe Records.

“A lot of times what I find with a lot of us here is that we have to have a 9-to-5 to really balance everything,” she said. “I do all types of different jobs. Administrative jobs, customer service, sometimes I work in the factory.

“Even with grants, there’s so many independent artists that try to apply for these grants and they’re not able to get it unless there’s a close link that you know inside that can help,” she added. “It’s like an up and down situation.”

Cultural critic Klive Walker has written about the history of Canadian reggae, including his 2005 book Dubwise. He says a big gap has existed since the 1970s, when artists such as Leroy Sibbles, Jackie Mittoo and Carlene Davis migrated here, and local acts such as Truths and Rights, Mojah, the Sattalites and Lillian Allen emerged.

The music industry never truly backed the reggae movement, he argues, lacking the financial backing of a visionary such as Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, who successfully marketed Bob Marley to an international fan base.

“The thing was kind of diseased from morning,” Walker said. “Lillian, Mojah and Truth and Rights had to do a lot of work on their own. It’s a tribute to them that they were able to chip off a piece of mainstream notoriety out of it, but at the same time they didn’t have a consistent and substantial mainstream presence because the industry around them didn’t understand what they were dealing with.”

He also says a lot of Jamaican-born artists who grew up here during the emergence of hip hop in the 1980s and ’90s chose hip hop instead of reggae given there were more opportunities to make money.

Perhaps the most successful mainstream Canadian reggae act was Messenjah, who originated in Kitchener in 1980. They were the first Canadian reggae band in 1985 to be signed by a major label, Warner Music Canada, and appeared in the Tom Cruise movieCocktail in 1988.

The group has been reconstituted and will appear at the Tattoo Rock Parlour on Nov. 14, releasing a new single and performing other songs from their upcoming album We Return.

Charles “Tower” Sinclair, the band’s bassist, argues that a lack of business sense has hindered progress within the Canadian reggae scene and thinks artists should hold themselves more accountable.

“What (labels) look for is a business,” he said. “You need a business head to talk to a business head. We cannot just blame other people, we have to blame ourselves too.”

Sinclair said reggae acts here should bear no grudge against MAGIC!, which mixes reggae with other styles, including R&B and jazz, in its music.

“We have a little jazz influence in reggae, a little country influence. So why can’t they have reggae in their funk or reggae in their calypso?” he said. “Why must we think reggae must belong to us. . . . We got it from somewhere too. We got it from ska, we got it from jazz. That’s how reggae came down to what we made it today.”

JuLion King, a Toronto reggae promoter and founder of Canadian Reggae World, notes that European and Asian countries, as well as the U.S., have become big markets for reggae over the years and questions why mainstream Canada has not adopted the music.

“I’ve done reggae jams in this country for the past 15 years,” he said. “We used to play at the Opera House, BamBoo and other places. There are people who do love the music here.

“Reggae is the only music that doesn’t get mainstream airplay, yet why is it in Poland? Why is it in Japan? It’s not a fluke that reggae can penetrate every country; how come we can’t sell it here in Toronto? We’re a nonentity.”

There is some hope for the future in the form of Manchester-born Toronto singer Exco Levi, who has won the last three Reggae Recording of the Year Junos.

He admits there could be more mainstream promotion of reggae in Canada but says the music has evolved in terms of production and public interest since he immigrated here in 2005.

“I remember the first time performing in Montreal, there were 15 people,” he said. “But at the beginning of this year, I performed in Montreal and it was a sold-out crowd; me alone and my band. When I looked around the crowd, it was mostly white people. The promoters said to me they’ve never seen a reggae artist from Toronto draw those crowds in Montreal before.”

With a new album set for release next March, Exco believes he can carry the banner for Canadian reggae music but says the industry here must do a better job of unearthing and developing reggae talents.

Things won’t change “until Canada and the reggae community here realize what they have and realize that they have to support their artists and play them on the mainstream (airwaves),” he said. “We need booking agents, we need an industry.”


Gibbo Presents – Bounty Killer and Beenie Man -Legendary – Producer Esco Explains How It Happened

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Bounty Killer & Beenie Man recently recorded ‘Legendary’ their first single together. The man behind the release Esco chats to Gibbo to explain how he managed to create dancehall history.

Ms Thing Has Another Baby For Gullyside Artiste Flexx


Ms. Thing months after giving birth to her second child for Gullyside artiste Flexx says she is ready for music.

The artiste, who graced the international charts with the single Dude featuring Beenie Man in 2004, says that she will have no more children and it’s strictly back to focusing on her music.

The 25-year-old deejay says that she is not about to give up on music and that having a child does not render an artiste finished.

“Having a child does not hold you back, you have to put in the work and persevere, there is a level of sacrifice with the child-rearing process but I’m coming back musically,” she said.

Ms Thing says that this child with Flexx is her last as she feels like she has accomplished her quota.

“I don’t plan on having anymore. I always wanted two kids and now that I’ve done so, that’s it. I had two C-sections and I’m not prepared to go through that much pain again,” she laughed.

According to the artiste, Flexx is a good partner and friend and they are very compatible.

“He is cool. We have arguments like normal couples do, but we are really level-headed most of the time because he is also like a friend,” she said.

The artiste currently has some new songs with Flexx that are yet to be released. One of the songs, however, Mi Waah More produced by L Brick Records is promised to be the next hit single, according to Ms Thing.

“The song has a good vibe and we even plan on doing a video for it as soon as Flexx gets back in the island,” she said.

Speaking of videos, who can forget the last Ms Thing video Bonify featuring PhycoTanbad, which created quite a stir.

However, Ms Thing says this video will be different.

“This video will be sexy and kinda on the edge but not as raunchy. Yuh dun know a me sey sexy,” she said.

The outspoken deejay, who already has an album and a billboard hit under her belt, says that she is in the rebuilding stage and she is confident that she can climb back to the top.

“I didn’t get to promote the album much but it is out, and right now I’m going to do some work with Supa Hype, Fagan Fraternity and just a lot of people. My fans miss me and I won’t disappoint them. Mi ago jus put in the hard work and I will reach where I was and even pass it,” she said.

Ms Thing’s album is called Miss Jamaica, and was released under international record label Sequence Records. The album can be found on iTunes.

Ishawna Disses Skatta’s Girl Satara ‘ Mi and Yuh Man Cyah Stop F**k’

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According to the Yardflex snitch, Ishawna and Satara Elliot were close friends until the sinjay decided to have sexual intercourse with her boyfriend Skatta Burrell.
After Satara found out about the Affair, an anonymous Instagram page was created and began to attack Ishawna accusing her of backstabbing Satara. We are not sure if the page was being operated by Satara or not. However Ishawna has since released a song sending subliminal disses at Satara.
“me and yu man cyah stop f@#k…of course am a side bitch cuz a pon the side him kotch it mek mi ride it,” she sings. See song below as well as a pic of Satara.


Chino hits back at Yendi – will ‘fight to the bitter end’


Dancehall artiste Daniel ‘Chino’ McGregor plans to fight the suit filed in the Supreme Court for full custody of his daughter from media personality and first runner-up in the Miss Universe 2010 competition Yendi Phillipps. He reportedly wants frequent visitation rights but has no issue making child support payments.

The former beauty queen is seeking $60,000 per month in child support, requesting that the expenses relating to the child be equally split and that Chino receives limited visitation rights. Sources have told Loop News that Chino intends to fight her in open court.

“It is unfortunate that the public may believe that Chino is not supporting his child. the fact is that Chino has been paying child support for his daughter but has limited visitation rights. He had already served Yendi papers before this surfaced in the media, because although he has no issues minding his youth, she has had him on a programme where he sees his daughter seven hours on Saturday, and twice a week, and that’s not enough for him,” a source close to the McGregor family told Loop News.

“Those are the terms she submitted to him and he wants to challenge that, because he loves his daughter. Chino loves his children, and he wants to fight for his children to the bitter end. Yendi was the one who was a character witness for him in court before when he was filing for custody of his daughter, Peyton, from ‘Rosie’ so she knows he is a good dad, so why not allow him to see her more often?” the source continued.

The news of the case triggered a buzz on social media yesterday afternoon, with many people voicing their opinion on a relationship that has been in the media spotlight ever since Phillipps took to Facebook to announce her pregnancy with the couple’s child.

They then did a video interview with one of the daily newspapers about their relationship, in which they expressed their love for each other.


Shaggy to help Food For The Poor build houses in Haiti


Jamaica’s Grammy award-winning reggae star, Shaggy will perform at Food For The Poor’s (FFP) 20th annual Building Hope Gala, to raise funds to build critically needed houses for poverty-stricken individuals living in Pon Batay, Haiti.

FFP’s 20th annual Building Hope Gala will be Friday, February 6, 2015, at Boca West Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida.

According to Robin Mahfood, FFP President/CEO, the charity organisation is elated that Shaggy has chosen to help them raise funds to help build permanent homes for people living in dirt-floor makeshift shacks, who lack clean drinking water and must walk miles to another community to fetch water from a well.

“Shaggy is a true friend of Food For The Poor. Thanks to Shaggy, the determination of Building Hope Gala committee members, and the South Florida community, Food For The Poor is positioned to build even more homes to commemorate the gala’s 20th anniversary,” Mahfood said.

He further stated, “The gift of a safe, secure home is a tremendous blessing for a family who lives in a crumbling one-room shack, and does not know where their next meal will come from. A home offers more than shelter to a destitute family – it offers hope.”

Since its founding 32 years ago, FFP has built more than 91,000 housing units for people desperately in need of adequate shelter.

At Building Hope Gala, attendees will be invited to make pledges for the construction of the houses.

Attendees will also be able to bid on additional silent auction prizes, such as electronics, jewelry, vacations, golf and dining packages at Boca West Country Club.

Supporters can donate a Food For The Poor home in advance of the Building Hope Gala. Donors who do this will be entered into a drawing to win two tickets to New York Fashion Week in September 2015.


Talk Yuh Mind v.15 (Elephant Man and Zebra saga)

‘Talk Yuh Mind’ © 2014 is Demarco’s new online reality series giving viewers an uncut perspective into the Jamaican Dancehall culture and viewpoint on various topical issues.
Directed by || True Gift Entertainment (TGE) 




Blak Ryno Joins Alkaline


We wished and it seems like its happening. Another dancehall artiste that has been waiting in the wings,  is now able to take advantage of the huge North American market. Former Gaza member Black Ryno was recently granted a US Visa. He now joins Alkaline and Iyara as recent recipients.

Black Ryno indicates that since the expiration of his last work permit in 2010, he choose not to attempt to renew it. He didn’t get into specific details but said “I decided not to go back until it was the right time, …. until some of the bad news died down”. Sounding relieved and excited he also announced that he will be performing in Miami, Florida in November and plans to have a busy 2015.

Under the mentorship of Vybz Kartel, he rose to prominence as a member of the Portmore Empire. In February 2010 he severed ties with group, which led to him being attacked in songs by Portmore Empire members who remained. A week after his departure there was a mysterious fire at his apartment but the perpetrators have never been confirmed.  He was also involved in a physical altercation with former Kartel business Partner Corey Todd that was caught on video.

At Sting 2013 he defeated Kiprich in a lyrical face off and won US$30,000. The previous year he was pushed off stage by former affiliate Popcaan, after joining him on stage in hopes of a ‘clash’.


John Holt Support and Tribute Night (RIP)


As the news of John Holts death saddened reggae fans around the world, the messages of love and strength from all were strong and faithful. Family members, friends and colleagues massed upon a tribute night in London for the late legend with a great turn-out of patrons and industry personalities including Bunny Striker Lee (legendary producer of a number of John Holt’s Hits, inc ‘Stick By Me’), Father Wee Pow of Stone Love, Dennis Alcapone, The Black Stones, Chris (Dub Vendor), Mikey campbell (Aswad), Jazzwad (dancehall music producer) with artists such as Barbara Naps, Janet Kay and Victor Romero Evans, Donna Hinds, Winston Reedy, General Levy & Joe90, and current female songstress Aysha Loren all graced the stage backed by the infamous Ruff Cut Band with many guest musicians including Bigga Morrison, Adrian Mckenzie, Don Chandler, Dredy, Patick Tenyue and Horseman performing tribute versions of the classics. It was encouraging to see the sons of legends Jack Radix & Alton Ellis in full support too.

The Fans sang along to all the hits cheering for their particular moments of each of the classics. Both young and old came together in true great spirit to celebrate the great musical works achieved by the late John Holt.

Prayers and love to the holt Family and all who supported to making this a memorable occasion.

Sentinel Sound Jamaica Tour 2014



In August Sentinel went to Jamaica to play a one week tour alongside their brother sound from the Carribean, Bass Odyssey, from way out in the country, Alexandria, St. Ann. The highlight for everlasting sound was the perfomance at the 25th Anniversary of Bass Odyssey. The Germans shared the stage with the dinosaurs of the Soundsystem-Business – Bass Odyssey, Stone Love, Killamanjaro, Renaissance & Metromedia – plus a live performance of Cocoa Tea & Singing Melody.
Sentinel just done the place and left the dance with an outstanding & impressive performance, playing hardcore dubplates by artists like Bounty Killer, Vybz Kartel, Buju Banton. Click here to watch now.

Bob Marley’s First Ever BBC Session with John Peel


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Rodigan digs out a classic live session in the BBC archives from May 1973 of Bob Marley & The Wailers – all to commemorate ten years since John Peel’s last Radio 1 programme.




Buju Banton could be a free man as early as this year.

The embattled reggae star’s legal team, headed by Harvard law professor Charles Ogletree, will be making a case for a new trial in the U.S. court of appeal.
Ogletree says he is expecting the judge to reverse Buju Banton conviction based on two main problems with the case.

“I will be arguing somewhere in the 11th circuit it can be in Miami or other parts of the country it depends on who is sitting that day and what time its going to be,” Ogletree said.

“The two major issue is the fact that an informant was the one who set him up, number one, and number two was a juror doing research during the trial which makes no sense at all, about Buju Banton and about other issues and we found that out after the trial,” the law professor added.
Charles Ogletree also call on Buju Banton fans to come out in support of the incarcerated reggae singer on the date or the argument.

Buju Banton, real name Mark Myrie, is currently serving a 10-year sentenced in a South Florida prison.

The Grammy-winning singer was convicted in 2011 on three counts of cocaine related charges.

His sentence would come to an end in 2019, but Buju Banton has strongly maintained his innocence.




Dozens of emails were sent by fans of the Gully Gad wanting to know if there was a letter from a girl who talked about her sexual experience with Mavado.

A search of Google revealed this story posted on the media. It all started when Mavado went to Jacksonville on 3/19/09 at a club called Plush.

Mavado-girl-confessed-groupie-jamaican-dancehall.jpgI went right over and sat next to Mavado’s cousin Chase Cross an up and coming reggae artist. So me and my friend were talking to him at this time Mavado makes references to my breast and pum pum in his native patois language I laughed and responded.

I could tell he was impressed by my speaking and understanding what he was saying, I asked for a picture with him giving some dude my phone for the camera. Mavado grabbed my phone and called his phone to get my number and said I’ll see you after the show.

After some grinding and blatant flirting I knew I wasn’t going to make it to work the next morning.

The show went really well I danced with his uncle and left immediately after trying to prepare for my booty call because I was sweated out. About 3:30 a.m. I got a call from anonymous number, I answered and he told me he was at the hyatt and to call when I’m outside and he will send someone to get me.

When I got there he was chilling in some shorts and a green yellow and red netted like wife beater, he said something quickly to his boy and then he invited me to a spliff I smoked and drank some more, he turned on some music and told me to whine and take off my clothes, while I’m dancing and taking off my clothes he turned on a lamp and off the lights, he grabbed my wrist and got the spliff he stayed behind me grinding and whine to my riddim, out of no where he got aggressive and pushed me against the back of the sofa he smacked my a*s and began to pull down my thong, I stepped out of them now in just my stilettos, I turned towards him and ordered him to sit in his chair he went and sat.

He lit up while I was riding him I caught his riddim and by the look at his sex face I could tell I had him, I got up and he grabbed me asking what I was doing, I told him I wanted to turn around and ride him, I made a small joke about him not burning my back wit the spliff we shared a laugh and back to business.

Out of nowhere he pushed me off of him onto the floor and began to f*ck me from the back he smacked my ass and talked nasty nothings in my ear all the while I’m talking sh*t right back he told me to lay on my back, I laid on my back and opened wide he scissored me then put one knee behind the fold of my knee and f*cked me like that, at this time I’m feeling a little sick from the hennessy and he got me all bent up, he had to f*ck me for about 20 minutes alone in that position, he then turned me over on my stomach, he rubbed my ass for a minute then proceeded to smash from the back for about 15 more minutes at this time I’m thinking when will he finish?!?

I told him let me get on top, about 10 minutes after bouncing on him he finally bust, I laid on the floor for a sec to catch my breath got my clothes and went to the bathroom washed up and got dressed, I came out and he was smoking yet another spliff putting something in a gift bag.

I hit the spliff we had small talk about his show and our sex I told him I would see him later he said he would be back in November and he would call me, he said he looked forward to seeing me again I said the same he hugged me, kissed my lips, and gave me the gift bag it was his cd autographed, 2 100 dollar bills and about an oz of ganja and a shirt that read “I’m so special” and I rushed home to call my friend with my story to tell! I won’t rate him on his size because he is average but I will give him a 10 solely on stamina and he put me in a position I never been in and the fact he treated me well.

Though he is a celeb he f**ked with passion he’s a cool guy and real down to earth, what can I say, he’s so special


I got on my knees and crawled to him, I unfastened his shorts he lifted up so I could take them off, that’s when I realized just how skinny he really is I pulled out his d*ck, it was average I guess.

I began to deep throat him while jacking and slurping I could tell the slurping was turning him on, by the moans he was rubbing my head and calling me baby and when u hear a true Jamaican call you baby omg its a turn on! After I sucked him up for awhile I straddled him on the chair looking right in his face he grabbed yet another spliff and a condom.




This is an open letter to Peetah Morgan of  the Internationally known reggae group/band “Morgan Heritage” from Tamar “Fire Pashon” Minott daughter of the Legendary Sugar Minott and the mother of his two daughters.


Anyone who know the whereabouts of this man,please remind him that he has two beautiful daughters, Destiny and Journey.Tell him that they still exist! Here is a picture of the last time they saw and spoke to him 8yrs ago.
This has gone on long enough! I honestly think 8yrs is a long time for a parent not to see and support their children.Not knowing how they have been surviving. Its a shame!
Please tell him that these beautiful girls have needs and wants too.They attend school,like any other child.They have school fee to be paid too!They wear clothing and shoes too,they need books and uniforms too,and most of all, they need food to survive each day!!!
Not because a mother can balance herself and support her children,means that,the father should just walk around with a big smile for 8 yrs not knowing how HIS beautiful/smart/talented/well mannered children survive.This is not just about MONEY!I know what it is to have a great father in my life.A father who gave me the greatest gift,which was love.
Mi know seh some people aggo bex,but I care zero!I’ve been silent all these years,and I felt like doing this today.So please forgive me if I offend any of you.My apologies.WhoFeelsItKnowsIt

John Holt dead: Tide Is High reggae artist dies in hospital aged 69


The reggae artist was responsible for such well-known hits as The Tide Is High which he penned in 1967.

John Holt has sadly passed away aged 69.

The former lead singer of The Paragons, who was perhaps best known for penning the hit The Tide Is High, died in a London hospital on Sunday.

His manager, Copeland Forbes, confirmed the news to Jamaica Observer Online.

He said: “John died at 2:40am English time. His [John’s] nephew informed [us] of his death.”

The cause of death is unknown.


John was born in the Greenwich Farm area of Jamaica and found fame in 1964 when he replaced original frontman Leroy Stamp in The Paragons.

His 1967 tune The Tide Is High was later covered by acts such as Blondie and Atomic Kitten.

During his time with the group he also wrote several other big hits including I See Your Face, Tonight, and Wear You To The Ball.

After leaving the band he enjoyed a successful solo career and continued to perform for many decades.

Friends and fans have since flocked to Twitter to pay homage to the popular reggae artist.

She wrote: “After leaning of John Holt’s death earlier, I now learn that the wonderfully warm Lynda Bellingham has succumbed to cancer. Gutted. RIP.”

The cause of death is still unknown.

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Suzie Q Speaks Out and Plays Threatening Audio of Ex Husband – @SuzieQReggae


This week on Video Alley which now airs on CIN TV in New York & Jam TVin the United Kingdom & throughout Europe, will see Suzie Q coming to the forefront to address several notions. The episode dedicated to shedding light on her ex-husband and others effort to discredit her through various media outlets.

The popular media personality speaks about the constant pressure to have her engage in threesomes and various sexual activities, even after she told him she has never participated in such and isn’t interested in being a part of. It’s also been alleged that Mr Absolute, who is Suzie Q’s ex-husband was cheating on her with several females and with his baby mother while he was married to Suzie Q (who he has been seeing at her house in Jamaica every day over the summer).

Though he was separated from his first wife, he lived with Suzie Q for two years before divorcing her. It’s also alleged that he had a different lady at his house every night while he was still married to his first wife, who resided overseas until he tried to settled down with the media personality.


Dubrising by Sly & Robbie


After Underwater Dub and Dubmaster Voyage comes Sly & Robbie’s third dub album this year. It’s titled Dubrising and is mixed by PaulGrouchoSmykle, who is probably best known for Black Uhuru’s The Dub Factor, released in 1983.

In a press release the album is described as “taking you back to the golden age of dub” and being “heavy as lead, yet musical and refined”. And just as Dubmaster Voyage it features dub versions of tracks by Bunny Rugs, Horace Andy and Chezidek, among a few more.

Dubrising drops in November and will initially only be available on vinyl. In addition to the 33 RPM edition, a limited audiophile version will be available on a double 45RPM 12″ pressed on heavy 180g vinyl.


International Recording Artist Shaggy Nominated for Soul Train Award – @DiRealShaggy @NeyoCompound


New York, New York – International recording artistShaggy started 2014 on a high note. It is evident there is no stopping for the Grammy award, diamond selling recording artist to end the year any other way.

On Monday, October 13,CENTRIC announced the nominees for 2014 SOUL TRAIN AWARDS, which celebratesR&B’s finest and most soulful artists. Among the nominees isShaggy, who was nominated forBest International Performancefor his single ”You Girl’ featuring R&B superstar Neyo.

SOUL TRAIN AWARDS 2014, hosted by Wendy Williams, will honor artists in 12 different categories. R*B star Chris Brown leads the pack with seven nominations and R&B diva Beyonce follows with six. ForShaggy this nomination is a great honor and recognition for the work he enjoys and loves.

“Its always a great accomplishment to be acknowledged for the work I love and
enjoy doing everyday. To Soul Train Awards and CENTRIC thanks for acknowledging the hard work”
 says Shaggy.

SOUL TRAIN AWARDS will take place on November 7, 2014 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas and air on CENTRIC and BET on November 30, 2014 at