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Jukeboxx Productions Responds to Busy Signal’s Claim – @JukeBoxxJamaica

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jukeboxx productions over busy signal concert dispute in trinidad 2015

In response to the accusatory press release from ‘Turf Music’ dated Monday July 6, 2015, claiming lack of knowledge of Trinidad engagement; Juke Boxx Productions would like to respond with the following:

Hot Pepper Entertainment (Promoter) entered into a contractual agreement with Juke Boxx Bookings on April 9, 2013, to book several artistes, one of which was Busy Signal (Reanno Gordon), for a proposed show in Trinidad. Hot Pepper Entertainment subsequently sent incomplete deposits in incremental wire transfers totaling approximately USD $30,000.00 to secure the artistes’ performance at this engagement. Hot Pepper Entertainment was unable to honor their contractual obligation to remit the outstanding deposit amounts despite numerous extensions and the demonstration of leniency on the part the Juke Boxx team to assist the promoter.

After the separation of Busy Signal from Juke Boxx Productions, all documents relating to Gordon’s business affairs, and future contractual obligations were turned over to his new management, including the above mentioned deposit amount due to him of US $22,500 for them to proceed with the engagement, at their own discretion.

Hot Pepper Entertainment’s failure to pay the remaining deposit amounts required, for all the artistes by the due date constituted a breach of contract, as per excerpt of the signed agreement below:

  1. If PURCHASER fails or refuses to comply with any of the material provisions contained in the Contract or this Rider, including but not limited to filing or refusing (A) to proceed with the presentation of the engagement which is the subject of the Contract (B) To make payment (s) as set forth in this Contract on or before the dates and times specified or otherwise defaults in performing any obligations under this agreement, the ARTISTE and Juke Boxx Productions shall be entitled to retain said deposits as liquidated damages

It is therefore rather strange, that Busy Signal and his new management team claim ignorance of this issue, when all details and amounts collected on their behalf were handed over to them. It is also our understanding that they chose to refund a portion of the deposit collected to the Promoter.

The Juke Boxx Management Team would like to caution, that invalidated accusations can be defamatory for which individual/s can be held liable through the courts as a consequence.


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