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Suzie Q Speaks Out and Plays Threatening Audio of Ex Husband – @SuzieQReggae

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This week on Video Alley which now airs on CIN TV in New York & Jam TVin the United Kingdom & throughout Europe, will see Suzie Q coming to the forefront to address several notions. The episode dedicated to shedding light on her ex-husband and others effort to discredit her through various media outlets.

The popular media personality speaks about the constant pressure to have her engage in threesomes and various sexual activities, even after she told him she has never participated in such and isn’t interested in being a part of. It’s also been alleged that Mr Absolute, who is Suzie Q’s ex-husband was cheating on her with several females and with his baby mother while he was married to Suzie Q (who he has been seeing at her house in Jamaica every day over the summer).

Though he was separated from his first wife, he lived with Suzie Q for two years before divorcing her. It’s also alleged that he had a different lady at his house every night while he was still married to his first wife, who resided overseas until he tried to settled down with the media personality.